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Oblivion - Peter Abrahams So it’s not a bad book. The writing is okay, but it’s also nothing to write home about. Entertainment Weekly’s review of it is a certainly over the top: "You know you're holding a first-rate thriller when you take it with you in the car to read at stoplights." - Entertainment Weekly. Grade: A. (Jennifer Reese) First of all, EW, if your need to read is that intense might I suggest that you take an alternate form of transportation from place to place? Secondly, if this book makes you want to read it a stoplights, I fear what would happen if you read something that was actually thrilling, or in fact, in any way exciting. Because this book is neither of those things. The guy from the LA Times must have been reading a different book than me, because, “exciting and out of the ordinary... full of funny, touching and alarming surprises...” is pretty much the opposite of how I would describe this book.