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The Ruins

The Ruins - Scott B. Smith Apparently there is no book that can satisfy me right now. I had high hopes for this one (mainly cause Stephen King said it was good), and I even bought it in hardcover (with a coupon) for lack of anything else to read. First off, there aren’t actually any ruins to be seen. Or read. Whatever. I am always in for a rehash of the old, “group of friends gets lost/stranded in the forest/jungle and choas/murder ensues”, Richard Laymon used the same plot time and time again, and usually keeps my attention held and sometimes even my heart racing. However, Scott Smith fails miserably at his attempt to rehash an old plot. His female characters are completely annoying bitches who whine and fight and jack off their boyfriends in the face of danger. I mean, it’s so totally realistic to assume that in a group of 6 people (2 couples and two male foreign strangers), the two girls are of course the most useless morons and not in any way helpful or intelligent. God forbid that one of the women might actually come up with an original thought or solution to the problem. If anything, this book seems like it was written as a bad B-movie screenplay that might star Tori Spelling and Paris Hilton as the 2 twits. At least if it was a movie I could accept the ending, which is not a true ending at all - but I HATE books that do not explain anything and that have no resolution (I can accept this in a short story, but not in a novel). Read Smith’s other book, A Simple Plan instead (which also created a fantastic movie).