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Midnight Mass

Midnight Mass - F. Paul Wilson I am an avid F. Paul Wilson fan, particularly the Repairman Jack books, but somehow I missed the release of this book - which combines 2 of my favourite things - vampires and the apocalypse (alas in this particular world there is no Repairman Jack to save the day). As a vampire book it’s kind of boring, though I keep finding reviews comparing it to “I am Legend”, which I also found boring, considering all the hype. Wilson’s attempt to get back to the bare bones of vampires by leaving out the extravagances and eccentricities of the vampires of Rice (who I do not read) and Hamilton (who I do) et al, is too bare. The vampires are definitely the bad guys here, there’s no pining over the cute ones cause even the cute ones are pure cold evil. Unfortunately these stripped down vampires are just dull, and Wilson didn’t make them frightening enough, as far am I’m concerned you know from page one how it’s inevitably going to end (though I am put up against yet another book without a true proper ending, there could possibly be more vampire novels in Wilson’s future). Either give me pure cold evil with blood and guts strewn about, or give me the hot French vampires who dress nice and know how to treat a lady - this book is neither.